A selection of articles about the Fair Data Initiative 2016


Market Research Society - Organisations risk massive fines if they fail to adequately protect customer data (23 September) 

Campaign - Yahoo confirms that 500 million user account were hacked (23 September) 


Research Live - MRS Launches Data Security Toolkit - (26 August)


Research LivePreparing for data reform (18 April)


Marketing - A data revolution is coming, says Unilever's insights chief (16 March) 

Warc - Unilever outlines future of data news


SME (The Maven) - Fair use of data is essential, whatever your size 
(1 December)


WARC Social research ethics questioned (20 November)


Research Live - A Question of Trust


Database Marketing - Defining Data Culture (August 2015)


PARN MRS Delphi Group Launches New Consumer Privacy Report 
(18 March)

IT Pro PortalTeenagers are more data privacy savvy than you think (17 March)

Marketing Means - MRS Delphi group launches consumer privacy report - (17 March)

2DAY FMTeens Care More About Online-Privacy (16 March)

CITY A.MBanks trusted more with personal data than government, charities and supermarkets (16 March)

Research-liveMRS Delphi Group launches consumer privacy report - (16 March)

TechieNews - Youngsters more cautious when it comes to online privacy, new research claims (16 March)

The DrumPrivacy backlash sees Facebook users shy away from share all mentality (16 March)

GMAReport - only one in ten of us feel in complete control of our personal data remaining private (16 March)

NoodlsMRS Delphi Group launches new consumer privacy report 
(16 March)

Daily MailTeenagers are tired of sharing every aspect of their lives online and are taking steps to ensure their privacy on social media, report reveals (15 March)

The IndependentYoung people going to increasing lengths to protect online privacy (15 March)

Inquisitr Teens Are Tired Of Sharing Their Private Lives On Social Media, Report Reveals (15 March)

Metro It seems we aren't sharing everything on Facebook after all 
(15 March)

Research Live - Fair Data wins innovation award for MRS (2 March)


Mr. Web - MRS Shops 'Suggers' to Mark Data Privacy Day - (28 January) - MRS reports 19 companies to the Information Commissioner?s Office - (27 January)


Ethical Corp - Data series: Fair use of data - Has the internet become Big Brother? (15 November)


Marketing Week - Mobile research under threat as consumers 'go dark' (20 August)

CTRL-SHIFT - Personal control over personal data (7 August)


Mydex - Mydex CIC first certified Fair Data enabler (16 July)

Warc - Privacy, the Internet of Things and Circles of Trust (July) - login required


Marketing Week - Choose your words carefully in research and data collection (7 May)

Health Business UK - Finding medical solutions from patient research (19 May)

Financial Times -''Fair data' policies are an ethical must for business' (22 May)

The Independent - Mark Leftly: The Tories' handling of data protection undermines a key UK industry (23 May)

The Information Daily
-'eBay data breach highlights growing need for personal data security' (27 May)


Marketing Week - Staff as well as customers can provide key insight for brands (30 April)

MR Web - Diary Announcement Data Driven Diamonds - An MRS Awards Showcase (30 April)


Market Research World - Almost A Third Of UK And US Citizens Do Not Trust Governments With Their Personal Data (3 March)

Marketing Week - Confidence in market research lies with researcher (19 March)

Marketing Week - Taking back control: the personal data economy (12 March)

The Information Daily - Organisations must respond to the public's anxieties on data privacy (31 March)

The Independent - Besieged Tory chairman, Grant Shapps, accused of breaking rules on use of data (23 March)


Marketing Week - Safe in the net of things (5 February)

Research Live - 41% do not trust market research companies with their data (25 February)

Marketing Week - The opportunity to gain consumers' trust over data is industry-wide (26 February)

WARC - Banks are most trusted bodies (26 February)


Research - Singapore adopts MRS Fair Data scheme (28 January)