How it works

The Fair Data mark is a consumer facing mark which appears on corporate materials as a guarantee that an organisation meets the Fair Data principles.

By signing up to be a Fair Data organisation, you agree to:

  1. Adhere to the Fair Data principles
  2. Use the Fair Data mark in  all relevant dealings with customers and participants

If you are an MRS Company Partner you can sign up straight away to the Fair Data scheme, as you already follow the MRS Code of Conduct and are therefore compliant with the Fair Data principles.

If you are not an MRS Company Partner, but you are a research supplier or client interested in using the Fair Data mark, you will be asked to undertake an initial advisory visit by MRS to ensure your organisation has appropriate processes and procedures in place to be compliant with the Fair Data principles.

If a complaint is received about a Fair Data organisation then MRS Disciplinary Regulations applies and the most senior member in the organisation would take responsibility. The Investigation outcome may include undertaking a Fair Data audit.


  • Initial advisory visit £1,000 per day
  • If you fail initial visit and need another £500 per day
  • Cost of accreditation £350 per year
  • Audit fees will be determined on a case-by-case basis
Further information

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